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Reads and Lending Library

Knowledge is power! There are many ways to intake information, but my favourite is reading. I have a page for miscellaneous resources too such as podcasts, instagram accounts, etc - but I highly recommend having books that you can highlight, dog ear and re-read depending on what you resonate with. 

Below is a comprehensive list of my personal lending library - my clients/patients can reach out if there is any you would like to borrow and I will connect you with it! I have included amazon links only because they are supported across the country/world - BUT please support your local bookstore if you can. My favourite is Mosaic in Kelowna and they can order in almost anything!

Top Reads (worth a buy!)

- The Fourth Trimester: Kimberly Ann Johnson

- The Birth Partner: Penny Simkin

My Favourite Reads: Birth Classes
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