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Your Aligned Birth Offerings

Birth support takes on various forms. From prenatal chiropractic care to birth education or in-person doula services - I am here to help provide you with an educated and empowered experience for your birth.
And if you are a birth worker - thank you for your work and I am SO glad you are here to learn more for your community.

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Birth Doula Support

I find immense joy in supporting birth. My birth doula services are currently limited to one client per month with priority to chiropractic patients, so reach out ASAP to see it it might be a fit to work together!

Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is a huge transition on our bodies, there are so many shifts going on physically and emotionally!  It is a perfect time to start or continue your chiropractic care with a provider focusing in this area. From preconception support through pregnancy and postpartum (alongside infants too!) 

My chiropractic services are booked through my clinic in Kelowna - AltaVie Health.

Prenatal and Professional Evidence Based Birth® Classes

I am passionate about educating our community and increasing the reach of advocacy and empowerment! I am an Evidence Based Birth Instructor and offer a variety of classes to suit your needs!

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