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Professional Classes: Birth Classes
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3 Hour Class designed for Birth Workers

Learning Objectives:

  • Define evidence-based care and discuss statistics on the quality of birth settings in our local community

  • Discuss the major reasons why we have an evidence-practice gap, including the power hierarchy and how it is a barrier to evidence-based, family-centered care

  • Discuss ways that we can bridge the evidence-practice gap at the system level

  • Discuss specific strategies we can use to help our clients obtain evidence-based care


3.5 Hour Class designed for Labour and Delivery Nurses, and Birth Workers

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the evidence on comfort measures

  • Demonstrate a variety of comfort measures

  • Discuss how we can overcome barriers to providing comfort measures

This seminar is worth 3.5 nursing contact hours from the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Nursing contact hours can typically be applied to most nursing, doula and childbirth educator certifications, as well as the CPM credential.

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