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Evidence Based Birth®
Savvy Birth 101

1 Hour Class for birthing person and their partner, offered virtually and in-person

Contact if interested! - I am currently putting my focus into the comprehensive 5 week childbirth education series -  but open to booking a custom private option for families interested in a smaller time commitment

$39 per couple

Are you looking forward to having a baby, but worried about what it’s like to be a “patient” in the hospital system? Never fear, Savvy Birth 101 is here!  The 1-hour Savvy Birth 101 class was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you the inside scoop on how to form the ultimate birth team, so when the time comes to bring your baby into the world you can find yourself at the center of respectful, evidence-based care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define evidence-based care and discuss the difference between evidenced-based and routine care

  • Describe how the power system works in most hospital labour and delivery units

  • Discuss ways to create a team-based atmosphere in the birthing room so that you and your partner can get evidence-based, family-centered care

FAQ: How does Savvy Birth 101 differ from the Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents?

Savvy Birth 101 is an abbreviated, 60-minute class for parents who do not have time to attend our full-length, 3-hour Savvy Birth Workshop.

Savvy Birth 101: Birth Classes
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